KDI 한국개발연구원 - 세미나 - 콘퍼런스 - [2017 KDI Journal of Economic Policy Conference] Inclusive Growth: Challenges and Opportunities - 프로그램



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[2017 KDI Journal of Economic Policy Conference] Inclusive Growth: Challenges and Opportunities

December 15(Fri), 2017
Registration & Networking
Opening Session
  • Opening Remark   Siwook Lee  KDI JEP Editor-in-chief

  • Keynote Speech   Un-Chan Chung  Korea Institute for Shared Growth
Session 1. Income Inequality
  • Moderator   Dae-Il Kim  Seoul National University
  • Presentation   Rise in Wage Inequality Between Firms: Evidence from Japan 1995-2013   Shintaro Yamaguchi  The University of Tokyo
  • Discussant  Jungmin Lee  Seoul National University

  • Presentation  Finance, Growth and Inequality: Cross-Country Panel VAR Evidenc  Hyeok Jeong  Seoul National University
  • Discussant   Kwanho Shin  Korea University
  • Presentation  Fiscal Policy, Wages, and Jobs in the U.S.  Hyeongwoo Kim  Auburn University
  • Discussant   Hangyu Lee  Dongduk Women's University
  • Remarks     Joon-Kyung Kim  KDI President
Session 2. Performance of Small & Large Firms
  • Moderator   Jung-Hee Lee  Chung-Ang University
  • Presentation  Investigating Performance Implications of Focused Resource Allocation: A Focusing-Balancing
      Dilemma in SMEs
      Sang-Joon Kim  Ewha Womans University
  • Discussant  Jong-woon Kim  Hannam University
  • Presentation  The Impact of the Expansion of Private Brand on Korean Retail and Manufacturing   Jinkook Lee  KDI
  • Discussant   Jong-Il Kim  Dongguk University
  • Presentation  Status of Korean SMEs and Policy Tasks for the Implementation of
      SME-centered Economy
      Yong-Hwan Noh  Seoul Women’s University
  • Discussant   Jaekeun Hong  Korea Small Business Institute
Coffee Break
Session 3. Entrepreneurship & Start-up
  • Moderator   Sanghoon Ahn  KDI, MOSF
  • Presentation  User-industry Spinouts  Pamela Adams  Seton Hall University
  • Discussant  Seok-Joon Choi  University of Seoul
  • Presentation  Technology Based Firms in Brazil: Opportunities and Limits   Marcelo Silva Pinho  Federal University of São Carlos
  • Discussant   Minho Kim  KDI
  • Presentation  Exploring the Links between International Entrepreneurial Orientation and
      Performance of Born Global Firms
      Byung-Hee Lee  Hanyang University
  • Discussant   Jungwook Kim  KDI

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