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Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

CEPS 2021.07.27
The benefits of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology are numerous, but so are the challenges it presents. Adopting AI in the realm of cybersecurity could lead to significant problems for society if security and ethical concerns are not properly addressed. CEPS launched a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity in the autumn of 2019, to consider the technical, ethical, market and governance challenges posed by the intersection of AI and cybersecurity. The resulting report contributes to EU efforts to establish a sound policy framework for AI, more specifically by: providing an overview of the current landscape of AI in terms of beneficial applications in the cybersecurity sector and the risks that stem from the likelihood of AI-enabled systems being subject to manipulation / presenting the main ethical implications and policy issues related to the implementation of AI as they pertain to cybersecurity / proposing constructive and concrete policy recommendations to ensure that the rollout of AI is secure, according to the objectives of the EU’s digital strategy.

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