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How COVID-19 Is Changing the World: A Statistical Perspective

ADB 2020.05.15
An ADB contribution to this report highlights the role of trade links on the economic impact of COVID-19. Analysis based on ADB’s Multiregional Input-Output Tables shows the global cost of the COVID-19 pandemic could be 2-3 times greater in 2020 than it would have been had a similar pandemic occurred in 2000. Given deepening trade links over the last 20 years, the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on world Gross Domestic Product is greater in absolute terms than would have been the case in 2000. However, as a proportion of world GDP, the pandemic’s impact in relative terms is likely to be similar for 2000 and 2020 due to broadly stable domestic production. The main impact of the pandemic stems from drops in domestic demand, which fall mostly on domestic production, and the percentage of final demand satisfied by domestic production has remained high over the past two decades. The report provides a snapshot of how COVID-19 is affecting different aspects of public and private life. It is published by the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities.

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