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Coronavirus special edition: Back to school

OECD 2020.05.14
Schools around the world are going back to business but not back to normal. Strict measures of hygiene and social distancing are now the new norm. Schools are asked to ensure the learning needs of all children are met at a time that learning disparities widen. Teachers are also increasingly tasked with supporting children and adolescents physical and psychological health. And while parents have stepped forward en masse to help support the learning of their children, not all parents can play this role. We must act swiftly to avoid widening the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students. In addition to the immediate steps for reopening schools, education must also start preparing for potential future waves of contagion and school closures. We must learn from what is being tested now, and also use this time as window of opportunity to rethink and rewire our systems. For reorganising learning and assessment to serve the needs of all students, including the most vulnerable. For enhancing networking for teachers to continue to build their knowledge and capacity as game changers. For reinforcing collaboration for families, communities and schools to share information and coordinate effectively. The initiatives and investments made now can have positive long-term effects on our education systems and society at large.

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