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Asian Development Review (Volume 31, Number 1, 2014)

ADBI 2014.05.02
the papers in this issue: A Comprehensive Analysis of Poverty in India by Arvind Panagariya and Megha Mukim; Foreign Direct Investment and the Survival of Domestic Private Firms in Viet Nam by Ari Kokko and Tran Toan Thang; Spatial Price Differences and Inequality in the People's Republic of China: Housing Market Evidence by Chao Li and John Gibson; Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on the Exchange Rate in the Republic of Korea: Capital Flows in Stock and Bond Markets by Soyoung Kim; Inclusive Growth: When May We Expect It? When May We Not? by Kunal Sen; Globalization and the Quality of Asian and Non-Asian Jobs by Robert J. Flanagan and Niny Khor; and Measuring the Connectedness of the Financial System: Implications for Risk Management by Robert C. Merton.

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