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Gender-specific differences in geographical mobility: Evidence from Ghana

WTO 2020.02.11
In this note we examine gender-specificdifferences regarding geographical mobility in Ghana. Using survey data from the 2017 Ghana Living Standard Survey, wefind that while men and women are equally likely to migrate, men are much more likely to move for economic reasons.Women on the other hand move predominantly for social reasons such as marriage. This is supported by both indicatedreasons for migration and indirect evidence. For instance, men are more likely to be employed, send higher and morefrequently remittances, and target regions that offer better employment prospects. These stylized facts suggest thatGhanaian men can more easily adjust to trade shocks than Ghanaian women. While we cannot infer from this evidencewhat determines the differences in geographical mobility between men and women, we can infer that men are morelikely to benefit from a trade-induced expansion of exporting sectors and firms and are less likely to be hurt by a tradeinducedcontraction of import-competing sectors and firms.

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